"Good Time George" How many of us remember this typically cheeky "Melly" pose?

Here he demonstrates his warm and endearing personality, a simple gesture evokes the very essence of the consummate performer both on and off stage!

We must not forget the hard work and devotion that endeared George with his audience, not just limited to theatre but across the broad spectrum of entertainment. Yes he was controversial, yes he was surreal, secretly we would all love to allow ourselves a moment when we too could let out the "devil" inside, but would never allow such an imposition on George!

This study was taken 10th March 2007, at the Talbot Hotel, Southport, on the occasion of a Dinner Jazz. After dinner, Digby Fairweather supported by the fabulous Half Dozen enthralled the dinners with some excellent jazz. Digby, then introduced "Our very special guest - Mr George Melly!". The audience erupts as George heads for his leather upholstered chair. Even at this stage of his declining health he is in complete control and with consummate ease captures the ears and hearts of all those present.

Uniquely this Limited Edition of 50, is only available for INTERNET DOWNLOAD. (We will print upon request) Once downloaded you will receive, by Recorded Delivery, a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and signed by the photographer, Brian J Graham.  Brian's work is featured on many websites (Digby Fairweather etc..) and publications. The study is based on A4 but will print up to A3 using a mid-range colour,  laser or inkjet picture.

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