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    Sent: Friday 06July07@0838hrs Sender: Francis Brown
    I first saw George in the spa Centre Leamington spa in 1979. I was 17 at the time and he was one of the first performers I had seen live. I saw him on numerous occasions after that. Having seen lots of different types of performers - rock, jazz, classical etc I can honestly say he was one of the best! Entertaining, charismatic, loveable but also a great great Blues & Jazz singer.
    Thank you George for everything. I will miss you xx

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0832hrs Sender: Sheila Senior
    Dear George,
    Thanks for all the pleasure you gave everyone, all the concerts, radio programmes, recordings, jokes and serious stuff too. Dear Diana, Thanks for looking after George so well. My sympathy goes out to you at this time. I enjoyed your book. You looked after everything so well. Love, Sheila**Invalid Email Address

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0823hrs Sender: Richard Bennett
    I am deeply saddened by George's death. The world will simply be a sadder, less colourful and much less interesting place without him.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0810hrs Sender: Alex Brincklow
    My father was George's sound man for quite a while. One of my earliest memories was being taken to a restaurant by George and his band in Aberystwyth. I remember thinking it was so late, but it was probably only about 8pm. Was a very special evening. Thank you George! 80! Well you beat dad by quite a bit- hope you are both up there now and he's helping you sound perfect.
    Love, Alex

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0415hrs Sender: Tom Speight
    The gods have a fine man to keep them amused now!

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0341hrs Sender: James St. John
    Is it really necessary to have the time of George's death on the front page?
    We would prefer comments about George - some do want to know this detail! Ed.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@0028hrs Sender: Paul Adsett
    George, you've provided me with huuuge amounts of pleasure over many decades - your critique years, those grand(iose) gigs, the crunchingly engaging books, the learned surrealist fan... part of the soundtrack to my life!
    If heaven ever needed redecorating, I'm sure your taste will do it justice. cheers

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2318hrs Sender: Jacqui
    God Bless George.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2317hrs Sender: Alan Chamberlain
    Thanks for all your entertainment George, Especially your book "owning Up", I still read it & laugh. Hope you bump into Mick up there for surely that's where you'll go:- in spite of yourself. Leek festival will not be the same, as indeed nor will the world. Rest easy. Cheers Alan

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2311hrs Sender: Debola Ige
    Thank you for the laughs and all that jazz. We feel lucky to have known you personally. You presented a number of radio productions for us and contributed so much to the successes.
    You wanted to go in style, on stage, but the end came a tad too soon. The long-gone jazz greats finally have you on-side.
    We will miss you, as will Radio 2 and Ronnie Scot's. Our heartfelt condolences to the family you left behind (and those loyal dogs).
    Wherever you are right now, rock on. Debola and Neil (Spools Out Productions)

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2259hrs Sender: Tom, Young Tom, Old Tom Ashworth)
    What else can be added to the many testimonials to George. Wonderful VOICE, charrisma,humour,PRESCENCE.12th September,2003,Cinnamon Club, Altrincham, signing his CD, he uttered to my wife of 34 years, who was sat on his knee," thank you, that was very nice I thought!!.
    Thank you George, our thoughts are with Diana and all the family, please celebrate this mans contribution to life, love you George, Young Tom

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2257hrs Sender: David Rowley
    Thanks for the music George, goodnight!

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2242hrs Sender: Brian Johnson
    I have enjoyed George for over 35 years and am delighted to be able to make it known how entertaining I found him. He was larger than life and gave immense entertainment to so many. Have as good a time there as you did here George.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2238hrs Sender: Michael Carro
    dear George, loved you for years and years, I'm going to sit down and listen to some of my favourite tracks from my GM collection and most likely shed a tear or two in remembrance of the great man (every inch a Leo), and a lion amongst men (king of the jungle). god bless your family.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2232hrs Sender: Sandie Covey
    So sadly missed. I met George when he appeared at Harry Ramsdens in Cardiff during our Jazz entertainment evenings. Always a full house with many extra people all enjoying the unique and inimitable style of George Melly. My fondest memories are of George, cigarette in one hand and glass of Whisky in the other regaling us all with many madcap antics.
    Thank you George for my introduction to Jazz.
    I will remember you always. Sandie (Restaurant Manager at H Ramsdens).

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2130hrs Sender: Melvyn Green
    You were a true professional who always put a smile on my face. Television or radio you excelled and heaven now will have your wonderful talent. God bless you George.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2225hrs Sender: Tony Sands
    I have seen George in concert many times over the last 15 years and admired his unique talent and understood his warmth. I was lucky like so many fans to chat with him from time to time. I told him a couple of years ago after an appearance near York how touching and beautifully written his memoir of Mesens was and asked him how one copes with the loss of great friends as the years pass.
    George beamed and told me quite simply that, " We all have to leave the building". George's intellect, his dedication to the blues, his love of life and that lovely smile will live on in my memory and my thoughts are with Diana and George's family. Sincere condolences from Tony.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2130hrs Sender: Melvyn Green
    You were a true professional who always put a smile on my face. Television or radio you excelled and heaven now will have your wonderful talent. God bless you George.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2117hrs Sender: Chris Lampard
    Peace be with you George. The LP you signed, Concorde Club, Eastleigh about 1981 is now an even greater treasure. Thanks again for that and everything.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2106hrs Sender: Ray Broughton
    What a man and what a voice. He was the ultimate showman and I will miss him dearly

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2052hrs Sender: Arthur Green
    That old white bum still rises and falls in the middle of some grassy field in the nether regions of heaven.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2039hrs Sender: Geoff Wilson
    I remember on Friday 13 March 1998 I was travelling from London to Skegness to return to my daughters and had to change trains at Grantham. Moments before I boarded the train to Skegness I noticed a man dressed in a light coloured suit and on his head the trademark fedora. I instantly recognised good old George one of our best time entertainers ever. A young lad in front of me boarding the train looked in amazement at this larger than life figure who to say the least, his suit had seen better days as the sleeve was coming away from his jacket, did not look like the star he was, asked me who he was. I said he was one of our country's greatest entertainers.
    When he asked me his name I said that is George Melly. The young lad eyebrows raised asked do you mean Roger Melly The Man On The Telly (a character from that iffy magazine Viz). I said no, so he was not interested, no class.
    On the two carriage train George sat slightly toward the rear, in front of where I was sitting. About half way through the journey he decided he needed to visit the toilet so he walked all the way to the front of the carriages only to be told that the toilet was at the rear, turning round he just laughed along with all the other passengers and proceeded to the rear of the carriage stopping to shake hands with the lucky few who knew who he was.
    God bless you George, there will never be another you.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2011hrs Sender: John Goss
    Sorry to hear of the passing of a great blues man who has given us so much pleasure over so many years... we were fortunate to see him in concert in Liverpool at a University and have always looked out for his performances. his music will live on.. Loved his many interviews...

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@2006hrs Sender: Christian Porter
    Artist, Jazz musician, writer, broadcaster, literate in ways that most people can only dream of. George you inspired me to enjoy life and make those around me embrace it also, you made the world laugh because you knew that life is vibrant and to be lived in happiness. My thoughts to your family and close friends. I loved listening to you.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1949hrs Sender: TJ Johnson
    I would just like to say how sorry I am to hear of George's death. I am a jazz and blues singer and have been for 20 years. George was one of my first inspirations, I will never forget going back stage to meet him at a gig in Manchester, as a 16 year old boy, he gave me a lot of encouragement and told me to stick at it, and I have.
    He will be sadly missed on the Jazz scene and way beyond.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1945hrs Sender: Rodney Harnett
    Dear Ms Melly, You will not believe how I feel and how much I am wishing to be able to hug you and show you my love for you both and, obviously 4 that man who never misbehaves!!
    I am so very very sad. George has been my idol 4 over 40 years. He even married at Paddington Reg Off (as we did) and used the white taxi that was always outside (I had my own roller waiting 4 me but still fell 4 the white taxi). we are the same size and I have a similar (lesser value )voice. If any of his clothes come up 4 sale 4 u or 4 any charity PLEASE let me know! MY DREAM would be to have one or more memento's of George and wear them at every opportunity to let others remember. Hats, Jackets, Suits - they will all fit me (128cm waist 3x jackets) and I will be so happy he will then benefit his Charity.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1907hrs Sender: Doug Storey
    You've been important to me since I had the pleasure of being in your company during your Sheffield University Union shows circa 72-5. Unique certainly, special undoubtedly, but most of all sublimely intelligent fun!

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1902hrs Sender: Colin Nelson
    So sorry. The music and the wit live on. Thanks George.

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1901hrs Sender: John Anderson
    good night you were a man and three quarters god bless and keep you

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1825hrs Sender: Ruthie Redsmith
    Well George, I did say I'd never forget you but just to make sure you exit on my birthday, in style. Thanks for all the fun. mouse to mouse

    Sent: Thursday 05July07@1800hrs Sender: Warwick Boulton
    I was sad to hear of George's passing. Over the years, his music and his exuberance were a source of great pleasure to me and my family. We heard him often in Liverpool, and my fondest memory is when I invited him to Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, to play with the Feetwarmers in front of the assembled body of Midshipmen. They loved him. Afterwards, we took him to the Wardroom where he held court with his admirers among the staff officers and professors. His passing is a great loss to us all but I admire the contribution George Melly made to the pleasure and contentment of those who heard his music.
    Wawrick Boulton
    Professor of National Security Decision Making US Naval Postgraduate School Monterey California

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