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    Sent: Wednesday 11July07@2310hrs Sender: Mark Ferrigan
    Dear George I shall treasure those memories of the nights at the Tramshed Woolwich and Ronnie's at Christmas of you singing with John and the Feetwarmers. It was always enjoyable to share a drink downstairs in Ronnie's with you and the band. Thank you for the joy you radiated on your gigs.
    The records will be a reminder of those days. As the Duke would have said 'We love you madly.'
    With Fond Memories and thoughts to Diana and your family.

    Sent: Wednesday 11July07@2142hrs Sender: Gerry Leech
    My deepest sympathy to the Melly Family. I am of course a big fan from Dublin where I heard me Ma sing of Stingy Jennie. Resident now in West London I followed George with a passion and still belt out his numbers. It was a joy, in this cynical day and age to see someone enjoy life so much and accept it's ups and downs with such wisdom and such style. Indeed, and I quote shamelessly, he was "the wisest of all the entertainers.......the most entertaining of all the wise men". Farewell George.

    Sent: Wednesday 11July07@1349hrs Sender: Adam Banks
    I had the pleasure of meeting George after a couple of his performances. On the first occasion, I had cued endlessly to get his autograph on the CD I had just purchased but when I got to the front, and on discovering my name, he proceeded to draw an elaborate picture of Adam and Eve, with Eve proffering an apple from a fruit laden tree. Magical, and one of my most treasured possessions.

    Sent: Tuesday 10July07@1953hrs Sender: George in Norwich
    I saw George perform many time in the past 25 years, most recently at Norwich playhouse. Last December he arrived in the bar at the table next to us. I had with me a cartoon strip which I showed him and asked him to sign, without realising then that he used be involved in strips as well.
    He wrote a lengthy and witty dedication to my wife on it, even when his "minders" were attempting to usher him back to the stage where he was performing. "George..." they protested "You're due back on... the band has already been on 5 minutes...". George waved them off saying "Just one moment until I finish my dedication!". he had great panache!

    Sent: Monday 09July07@1440hrs Sender: Shirley Marton
    Why no DVD on George? there must be some footage of a live gig somewhere - surely time is ripe for a tribute DVD?
    We understand that a film was made at the 100 Club - George's last performance - it will be available sometime in the near future.

    Sent: Monday 09July07@1434hrs Sender: Chris Marton
    Been a fan ever since I happened to tune into Melly and Milligan and saw a rendition of the classic "NUTS". I bought the album in short order and its sequel and remained hooked - especially after a confirmed hetero like myself found myself laughing shamelessly at a paperback copy of RUM, BUM AND CONCERTINA. We are all the poorer for your passing.

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@2207hrs Sender: Martin Yates
    I saw George in Leamington Spa, Brecon , Ronnie's, Hayward's Heath and many other venues. George, you were a great showman, you loved life and you were incredibly funny. And you had the blackest voice of any white singer I have ever heard. I feel privileged to say I heard you sing. RIP old friend

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@2102hrs Sender: Claire Tuckett
    To you Tom and your family. Hope your okay at this sad time. I remember you so well from school, Monktonwyld. If you have a min, do get in touch. Claire x x

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@1948hrs Sender: Lynette Webbe
    Rest in peace, but party on!

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@1448hrs Sender: Gary Bamforth
    George will be sadly missed in this household although his books will still continued to be re-read as they have done since they were first bought, a rare man an irreplaceable man who could tell a tale better than anyone with great wit and charm and had a great love and enthusiasm and a willing ness to share it. You've been a good old George but you done broke down

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@1123hrs Sender: Valerie Allswang (via Digby Fairweather's website)
    My late brother, the artist Gordon Ferguson, knew George well, and did a great portrait of him in full flow singing at a jazz club. I have no space to show the portrait but would love it to be seen (it's such fun!) Could you give me any ideas of friends/fans/pubs/clubs/haunts of George who might like it? I loved his regular shows at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, in my part of the world.
    Thanks, Val

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@1104hrs Sender: Pete Wells
    Goodbye old George, and God bless you
    Thanks Pete.

    Sent: Sunday 08July07@0025hrs Sender: Leigh Cripps
    night night

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@2320hrs Sender: Paddy Bracken-Mays
    George you old darling, you were loved by all those who were lucky enough to have seen a real entertainer enjoying what appeared so effortless.

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@2225hrs Sender: Vince Murphy
    I first saw George perform in the late fifties at a dance in Widnes Lancs. He was performing either with Chris Barbers group or Lonnie Donegan, I'm not sure which. What I do remember is George singing Cake Walkers may come Cake Walkers may go. It was the most remarkable performance I had every seen up to that time. God Bless you George where ever you are

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@2222hrs Sender: Peter Logan
    it's thing isn't it not really can't get one on this by sir loved you mr

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@1810hrs Sender: Sheila
    Dear George - first saw you at (I think) the Royal Festival Hall with Mick Mulligan in the early fifties. Thank you for all fun and great music. Goodbye xxxx

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@1523hrs Sender: Carol Simpson
    Oh no, I'm so sorry, George Melly I will love you 'til the day I die. You really did share your wonderful life!
    Never rest in peace, raise hell mate!

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@1232hrs Sender: Valerie Allswang
    My late brother, the artist Gordon Ferguson, knew George well, and did a great portrait of him in full flow singing at a jazz club. I have no space to show the portrait but would love it to be seen (it's such fun!) Could you give me any ideas of friends/fans/pubs/clubs/haunts of George who might like it? I loved his regular shows at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, in my part of the world. Thanks, Val

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@0905hrs Sender:Mike Constable
    Thanks for everything George. With your music and your banter, you made dreary evenings in Maidstone bearable.

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@0859hrs Sender: Pete Loader
    You were a magical performer & writer. I was lucky enough to have seen you several times on stage 7 have enjoyed your books enormously. Ruth I still have the drawings you did of George

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@0714hrs Sender: John Bent
    Thank you George, you entertained me for over 5 decades and others for much longer. Sadly missed by me and my mate Alan Ross.**Invalid Email Address

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@0245hrs Sender: Darren Richardson
    I met George in the early 90's in Reading station and was thrilled as it was my chance to thank and tell him that a monologue I had performed called 'The Headmaster' which was written by George had saved my skin and got in in to acting college when all my grades had failed me. I now sit here in Los Angeles 6000 miles from home and with a career that might not have happened had it been for those wonderful words of George's. One of a kind, end of an era, a true gent of the highest order. Sadly missed.

    Sent: Saturday 07July07@0034hrs Sender: Lorraine Crayton
    What a lovely man. I went to see George Melly doing a talk about the surrealists at the Acorn Centre in Penzance. I t must have been about 6 or 7 years ago. I was with my brother and is partner. Anyway after the show we got into a drinking session with George, my brother is a sound engineer and had worked with George before. The thing is that we had a fishing thing in common, and we had a fab night of fishing tales and just general camaraderie and really enjoyed his company. We will always remember that night. He was a great bloke and will be sadly missed. Pin from Penzance.
    PS It is my birthday today and I was out with 14 friends, we raised a glass to George!**Invalid Email Address

    Sent: Friday 06July07@2147hrs Sender: Dave Thomas
    It's difficult to think of a contemporary entertainer who did more to convey the joy of live music to so many people. Hats on to a total one off communication genius.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1939hrs Sender: Oscar
    I spoke to George Melly by phone sometime around 1995 when I wanted him to dig up Flook cartoon strips of his sister Andree Melly's Brides of Dracula (he had visited the set.) Nice man - wouldn't discuss Brides of Dracula but willing to grant me an interview. I turned it down. Sure he got a chuckle out of that. George, have fun times and see you later.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1952hrs Sender: Morgan Fisher
    Dear George, one of the great experiences of my life was recording in 1979 at your home, your contribution to an album of 51 one-minute pieces called Miniatures. You knelt down on the floor near your Magritte tailor's dummy, and belted out a rambunctious version of Kurt Schwitters' "Ur Sonata" into the guts of your upright piano, which resonated resoundingly. It has always been my favourite track on the album and pisses all over Kurt's own wimpy version. For many years before then, and ever since then too, your books have inspired me with the brilliant revelation that it is possible to be blindingly erudite without being painfully serious. It is possible to live life fully on all levels. You were, and are, Magnificent!

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1939hrs Sender: Louise Piper
    Was devastated to hear of George Melly's death. I always wanted to thank him for giving my life direction. After hearing his lecture on the surrealists, I dedicated my life to art history and am pleased to be working in the arts 10 years on, all thanks to his lecture. I will always be sorry I never had the chance, but always glad to have heard that lecture.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1817hrs Sender: Barney Naylor
    Been a fan of George since I was a kid watching his Parky interviews in the 70s and finally got to see him live in the last few years. I will always remember him sharing a swift half with us at post show drinks at the Thameside Theatre in Essex, before he was whisked into a taxi by JC who was waiting patiently. Sir, I shall raise a glass to you tonight.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1536hrs Sender: George Broadhead
    The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has expressed its sorrow at the death of one of its vice-presidents, George Melly.
    George was an early hero of the gay rights movement with his openness about his own ambiguous sexuality, told with such humour and affection in his autobiography "Rum, Bum and Concertina."
    He was also a long-time supporter of secularist causes, not only as a vice-president of GALHA but also an honorary associate of the National Secular Society.
    GALHA's chairman, Jim Herrick, commented: "We are very sorry to lose George Melly, he was always a colourful character and he took part in our reading of the supposedly 'blasphemous' poem which took place on the steps of St Martins in the Field in Trafalgar Square in 2002. We defied the law in order to mark the 25th anniversary of the prosecution of Gay News - a publication that George contributed to on more than one occasion."
    George Broadhead, another of GALHA's vice-presidents and until recently its long-standing secretary, said: "George Melly first joined our panel of supporting vice-presidents at my invitation in 1983. In his letter of acceptance, he wrote: "I would be delighted to be one of your vice-presidents as although I am an ex gay, I remain a Humanist." The following year he agreed to give an interview to myself and the TV columnist of our magazine in his dressing room before performing at one of his jazz concerts. I still treasure the signed copy of his autobiographical "Scouse Mouse" which had just been published."

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1536hrs Sender: Elaine Arathoon
    Funny just bought Georges books looking forward to reading about this wonderful man and would have dearly loved to have seen him perform, just goes to show grasp the moment sadly missed great performer.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1419hrs Sender: Tony Currie
    Many years ago I did a radio interview with George, which inevitably ended in laughter. I asked him one of my stock questions - "Do you still have any ambitions?" His wonderful answer - which I have quoted many, many times - was "Yes, I'm looking forward to being senile, so that I can bite my nurse!" He was a unique man, and we are all the better for having known him.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1321hrs Sender: Sandra Howse
    I can't add any more plaudits to the wonderful George that have not been already so eloquently expressed. I have followed and adored George for more than 30 years, a mesmerising personality whose wit and intelligence will be sorely missed.
    My abiding memories of George are of seeing him on the Bayswater Road on Sunday mornings in the 70's strutting his stuff with the artists and bohemians that congregated to display their art on the railings. Do they still do that does anybody know?
    Anyhow, so long George, an inspiration for how to live life, forever young. Love to the family

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1144hrs Sender: Martin Stuart
    Just got the news.
    Thanks George for all the great shows @ the Cork Jazz

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1141hrs Sender: Peter Watson
    I am deeply upset at Georges' passing -I interviewed him a few years ago over a beer or 2, what a true character and lovely man. Sorry to see you go man.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1129hrs Sender: Chris Ivory
    I'll probably be repeating what has already been mentioned here about my love of George, but in addition, he was my kind of guy. His personality, outlook, and his infectious laugh. Many thanks George for the good-times. Heaven must be jumping to the vibe tonight. We'll sure miss you down here.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1125hrs Sender: Wally Quirk
    I will always remember George for his warm hearted approach to everyone. I never met him or even new him in any way but I always thought of him every time \I thought of Liverpool - my home City. I attended Florence Melly school named after George's Great grandfather's sister who was a great educationalist in Liverpool. I have a family tree chart if it is of any interest to anyone.
    Keep singin' George and you will light up the heavens.

    Sent: Friday 06July07@1022hrs Sender: Nicholas Head
    I discovered jazz about 25 years ago in my late teens / early twenties and thankfully one of the first voices I heard was George' this inspired me to discover more with in this medium of music. George brought the blues and jazz alive to a discovering teenager, your recordings will be treasures forever, thanks for the music George.

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