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    Tom Melly & family, would like to express their thanks for all your kind and thoughtful messages.

    Sent: Tuesday 23 October07@1938hrs Sender: David Stevens
    Dear Di and family
    I knew George well in the nineteen fifties, when I was pianist with Mick Mulligan's band (I had to leave when the band turned professional, as I had a mortgage and family to support).
    He was Best Man at my wedding in 1952, and his wedding present was a splendid cubist painting of a jazz band, which remains a family heirloom. I was a little nervous that he would shock my elderly family members, but he behaved impeccably and made a hilarious speech which I wish I'd recorded.
    I have many happy memories of George, of course, and am sorry I lost touch with him when I emigrated to Australia in 1965. I hoped to visit him on a recent trip to London, but alas it was too late.

    Sent: Wednesday 29 August07@2047hrs Sender: Bradley Sweet
    Dear Di and family
    I'm so sorry for not being in touch since George passing away. I just want to say that I hope everyone is ok and I thought I would give you some time to yourselves before I came round to see you.
    I was abroad when I heard the news and was still out there the time of the funeral, which was very hard as I wanted to of been able to say goodbye to George, I would just like to say thank you for everything you have all done for me I will never forget, it was a great pleasure to know George and I am very very grateful and feel very privileged, I will miss him.
    I'm currently trying to think of a way of doing something at work to raise some money for the charity you have chosen, if I'm allowed, I will definitely try my best to accomplish this.
    I am thinking of you all and I will be in contact with you soon di, take care

    Sent: Sunday 26 August07@1820hrs Sender: David Robinson
    Thanks for your entertaining life and life style ...I want to be like you and grow old disgracefully.

    Sent: Saturday 11 August07@1716hrs Sender: Bob Smith
    As a huge fan of Georges I would appreciate if you could inform me any charity or other auctions offering any work or memorabilia connected to George so I could have the opportunity to attend the auction thank you sincerely bob smith
    See For Dementia link at bottom of page - ALL donations preferred to this organisation - Many thanks - Ed.

    Sent: Friday 10 August07@1239hrs Sender: Steve Merry
    My late uncle, Terry Brown produced some of George's records, and it was at Terry's funeral some years ago that I last met George. I have been to many of his live shows, a very memorable one being at The Dog and Fox in Wimbledon in the early 80s when we went with a huge family entourage- and George was his usual welcoming self, signing LPs and dedicating a song to my elderly aunt (Win the Gin as George christened her from the stage). Even when I was immersed in punk in the late 70s I used to go to see George at his Ronnie's residency.
    I am eternally grateful for my uncle Terry introducing me to George's music and of course to George - who's shows were always a wonderful celebration of music and alcohol! RIP George.

    Sent: Thursday 09 August07@1906hrs Sender: Martin Leonard
    George will always have a special place in the hearts of both my wife and me. We met on a blind date accompanied by mutual friends at Ronnie Scott's some 27 years ago.
    We celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary seeing George at Ronnie Scott's 2 years ago. Thanks for the good times George

    Sent: Wednesday 08 August07@1507hrs Sender: David Brockwell
    Just to let everybody know that we are holding a small sale of plants at The Old Post Office, Talybont-on-Usk near Brecon this Saturday August 11th from 12.00.
    My mothers garden will also be open to Visitors. Proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Nurses in memory of George.
    An small exhibition of photographs by Debal Bagchi of George's last gig at 100 Club on 10th June will also take place over the Brecon Jazz Festival weekend (in favour of Admiral Nurses - For Dementia)
    The venue is The A Frame Gallery, 4 The Bulwark, Brecon from Thursday 9th August to Sunday 11th August.

    Sent: Wednesday 08 August07@1302hrs Sender: Simon Piant
    For entertaining me George. They'll never be another.

    Sent: Monday 06 August07@1632hrs Sender: Nicky Roubles
    George is one of those people I've spotted around and about over the years. Mind you, you could hardly miss the chap! He was a legend and everything an entertainer should be - never commonplace, and always exceeding himself. Truly one of those 'roman candles'!
    Hats off (briefly)

    Sent: Sunday 05 August07@1900hrs Sender: Barbara Shelton
    I was always very proud as I was a distant cousin of George Melly, My Great Aunt was his aunt and I always wished that I had met him.
    My sympathy goes to all his family.

    Sent: Wednesday 31August07@1812hrs Sender: David Jameson
    Dear Tom,
    Sol Herbert and I would both like to extend our condolences.
    I was a fan and admirer of your father. Sol would like to have your phone number. David

    Sent: Tuesday 31July07@0119hrs Sender: Syd Appleton
    Reading through all the comments it's very hard to find anything original to say about Mr Melly. I had the pleasure of working with George from time to time over the last 30 years especially recently on the Giants of Jazz shows. I work with Kenny Ball as soundman and always enjoyed doing Georges sound when necessary at the shows.
    George always seemed to enjoy everything he did in life and it was a pleasure to have known the man as a colleague and, I hope, a friend...... give my love to Bessie when you see her my friend.....

    Sent: Sunday 29July07@0221hrs Sender: Eunice.
    George you were a real character I just hope the heavenly choir can cope with you :o)

    Sent: Saturday 28July07@1340hrs Sender: Derek Lovelady
    Lookin' fwd to joining the amazing Mr G.M. one fine day for, as Pink Floyd said, that Great Gig In The Sky. George, Syd B, Jimi, Miles, Billie, Ella, Ronnie.... et al: you've left your wonderful legacies in music, art & such for us still tied to the surly bonds...
    Bless you & yours, GM. From D.L., Merseyside.

    Sent: Saturday 21July07@0008hrs Sender: Des Breen
    First saw George in Manchester hippodrome in1954 have been a fan ever since. I went to see him many times on his frequent visits to Ireland ,in the Olympic theatre ,Dublin and also in Portlaoise. I will miss him very much, but he has left us such great memories .Rest in peace.

    Sent: Thursday 19July07@1313hrs Sender: David Finlay
    I was very sorry to hear of the passing of George Melly.
    He gave a lot of pleasure to so many people in many different ways. His concerts of which I attended a few were memorable. And his knowledge of music was shown to excellent effect in his various radio programmes. And of course we will all miss his unique personality.
    I was fortunate to meet him after some of his concerts and would be interested in the possibility of attending any memorial event if there are plans to hold one.
    With kind regards, David Finlay, London

    Sent: Thursday 19July07@0044hrs Sender: Ronnie Carnwath
    Just wanted to say how sorry I am at George's passing. I had the good fortune to see George at a small hotel in Derry, Northern Ireland in 95 (I think!) It was my first jazz concert and a real eye-opener it was too! My interest was ignited by a Stranglers b-side on which he sang, and I had bought a volume of his autobiography (Scouse Mouse) which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
    George took time to talk to me after the concert, signing a CD I had bought before the show, as well as my book and the Stranglers single, which I had already got signed by the band. I asked him what he remembered about the session, and he said "Not much-they paid me with a crate of whisky!"
    My thoughts and best wishes go to Diana and family at this time. George was larger than life-a real character. The world will be a much duller place for his passing.

    Sent: Tuesday 17July07@2150hrs Sender: Angela Williams
    George had been my all time favourite since the early 70s, around the time he started out on the road with John Chilton. There are some memorable performances in my mind and the couple of times I talked to him in the bar the memories of which remain fresh. But it wasn't just the concerts it was the books too, the television appearances over the years, the newspaper articles and I think the power and fascination of the man was the fact that he was multi-faceted, enormously knowledgeable, funny, rude, larger than life, with a wonderful wardrobe of suits, hats, spats...and kaftans.
    I am full of regret that I didn't attend the funeral having been at the 100 Club on 10 June it would have been appropriate. When I was told on Friday morning I should have just walked out of the office and driven down to London to pay my last respects. In lieu of that may I send my best wishes to Diana Melly and the whole family. And thank you for 10 June, I was shocked to see George so frail but the over-riding feeling and lasting memory was that of being in the midst of his family and many friends.
    There is no one, can never be anyone like George Melly, he was an extraordinary character.

    Sent: Tuesday 17July07@1438hrs Sender: David Graham
    Live in Spain now, just heard the news about Georges death, had the honour of seeing George at Ronnie Scott's a few years ago, I realised I was in the presence of angelic genius, please forward my condolences.

    Sent: Tuesday 17July07@1315hrs Sender: Robert and Julie Mulholland
    We were sorry to hear the news of George's passing and our thoughts are with Diana and family at this sad time. We have many happy memories of holidays in Brecon and fishing the river Usk .
    Love Robert and Julie

    Sent: Tuesday 17July07@1149hrs Sender: David Brockwell
    Hi Brian, It was good to talk to you just now - As I mentioned, I live near Brecon and am also a long-term fan of George's - his legend was alive and well at Stowe when I was there long after his departure !
    I never had the pleasure of meeting him but saw him live on many occasions - his passing is indeed a sad loss ...I would be grateful for contact details at the For Dementia Charity as discussed so that any proceeds of my mothers plant sales (and other such local initiatives) could be directed to them.
    I know Macmillan Cancer Nurses was also a favoured Charity - do you happen to know if it would be Diana's wish to support both or one in particular of these charities ?see link above
    I guess this email will get through to you via the website. Best wishes.

    Sent: Tuesday 17July07@1002hrs Sender: Johnny Deluxe
    Much love to the Melly family.
    I briefly worked with Tom at the Notting Hill record ex in the 90's, and remember him fondly. best wishes to you all. j

    Sent: Monday 16July07@1845hrs Sender: Michele Trewhella
    I booked George and John Chilton's Feetwarmers . for a party for my friend and mentor Neville Thomas at his house, in !980, what a party!!! It was terrific, stupendous, George was so generous and I think had even more fun than we did .Everyone still talks about the George Melly party. I have great photos If people want to see them. Don't worry George, I'll keep misbehaving for you !Michele Trewhella

    Sent: Monday 16July07@1803hrs Sender: Peter Garland
    I first saw George perform at the Reading Festival about 1974, & became hooked from then on the man, his music & his writings. Lucky enough to own a few of his vinyl recordings, from Nuts to Melly sings Hoagy etc. His biographies have been a source of inspiration & amusement to me, any new musician should read owning up to know how it really was. A great man & legend whom I will miss. Bless you George.**Invalid Email Address

    Sent: Monday 16July07@1322hrs Sender: Chris Mitchell
    I turned on Sky , and there it was in the "Breaking News", that George had passed on ,soon after Mick Mulligan. The first time I saw him was at "The Bun Shop " in Surbiton , and afterwards at "The Queen Vic" in North Cheam. One can only say , what warmth and joy He brought to us all. Bye `George Rest in peace. **Invalid Email Address

    Sent: Monday 16July07@0701hrs Sender: David Drasdo
    I will miss you George.

    Sent: Sunday 15July07@1704hrs Sender: David J. Savage
    Dear Mrs Melly,
    Hopefully ,the condolence card, containing my own tribute to George and a small donation For Dementia, which I gave to Tom on Friday will have reached you by the time you read this.
    I just wanted to let know how privileged I felt to be able to attend George's funeral and pay my last respects. It was an amazing occasion and a chance to meet up again with such as John Chilton, Campbell Burnap, Kenny Ball and Digby Fairweather who opined that he thought George would have "loved" my attire, especially my music score waistcoat.
    I have suggested to my daughters that I would like a similar funeral although I would like to exit to the strains of The Bonzos' "The Intro and The Outro".
    Please accept my thanks for the splendid refreshments at The Regency afterwards. The staff there were superb and there was such an eclectic gathering of people although I think I upset Maggie Hamblin by calling her Aldeburgh piece a conch shell instead of a scallop.
    I read the interview with you in The Mail on Saturday which I found very moving. My Dad is 93 and although he needs carers for his bodily afflictions his mind is good. I have just started to read "Take A Girl Like Me" with great interest. Perhaps if our paths cross at a George-related charity event you could sign it for me.
    Meanwhile, although there is much sadness-especially for the family-at George's passing ,thanks again to everyone who helped to give him such a splendid send-off. Again, with deepest condolences but with best wishes for the future to all the members of the Melly melange

    Sent: Saturday 14July07@1441hrs Sender: Tim Caven
    Thank you, what an entertainer and funster. Just seen pictures of the box - perfect. Thank you, unforgettable, uplifting, inspiring - so much fun!

    Sent: Friday 13July07@1548hrs Sender: Shirley Cox
    Dear George, Goodbye, Pataphysically yours
    Bags of love, Lorenza

    Sent: Thursday 12July07@1421hrs Sender: Shirley Cox
    How sad to hear of the passing of Good Time George - the world will be a duller place without him. I never managed to see one of his live performances but I treasure the cd's of his I do have. He will long be affectionately remembered.
    Thanks George.

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